Correspondence, notes, expense lists, and invoices for objects obtained by Gen. Munthe and shipped to Gertrude Bass Warner in Eugene [012]



Correspondence, notes, expense lists, and invoices for objects obtained by Gen. Munthe and shipped to Gertrude Bass Warner in Eugene [012]


Munthe, Johan Wilhelm Normann


Warner, Gertrude Bass, 1863-1951






Correspondence between Gertrude Bass Warner and General Normann Munthe

Many thanks for Mrs. Potter’s greetings. Kindly remember me to her and to Mrs. Perkins. NM

Peking, June 7th, 1929.

My dear Friend,
Thank you ever so much for your kind and welcome letter of April 20th. Your letter, and-not-all, are permeated with a spirit of kindness, goodwill, and friendship, that finds a happy and joyous [rest with] in my heart. And added to this, you are always so generous in your praise for whatever one can do for you. All this is the right spirit, my friend, the spirit of love and kindness, the only one that moves us forward and upward, and it surely does do that. How often do I most wish I could be near you, be with you, and exchange thoughts and ideas. I seem to gain ground more and more in spite of all the trials and tribulations that I have to go through. It is probably a part of my spiritual education. More and more the realization and understanding of God’s Allness is coming to me. He is becoming more and more creative, real [tough] so to speak. I see all in Him, I find all in Him, and I look to Him in all things, not to anyone else, knowing full-well that if I do my best to be loving and kind and helpful to my fellow-man, He will surely find a good solution for all my questions, of whatever nature they may be. Yes, God is All, and His Allness, His Might, is Omnipotent Love. Aye, not for all that world can offer would I exchange my knowledge of what God is, as I have learnt to know Him in and through Christian Science.

You tell me that you intend to settle down when Sam takes up his duties at Harvard. This is but natural that you should do so, and as you are oriented by and with harmony, it should be a harmonious existence with you all together. I think it must be a tremendous compliment to Sam to be asked to believe of Harvard and as a 9-Years-contracts, for they would not ask everyone at Harvard but the very best. I take my hat off to him!

I was glad to hear that the things, which I got for you had arrived all right, and that you liked them, especially that you liked the [C-399] applegreen. For that was especially a gift and greeting from me to you. When you get your own house, I shall surely find some things for you and your house. It is easier, I think, to find things for a house than for a museum. You were kind enough to send by [mail] $900. For there and so for the lovely greeting that came with them, I was, and am, most grateful. The amended bill was $730, so there is a balance of $170 in your account. Oh, yes, I see well enough what you say, to deal it and to the package, no, there is no call for that, and they must stand to your credit.

About my collection in Los Angeles, I can now give you more details than what I could before. When Mr. Furman came over here, nearly 3 years ago, he was backed by the Director of the Museum, Mr. Bryan, and by some of the leading and richest citizens in Los Angeles. Everything seemed to be cut and dry. Just as the first thing arrived, a strong campaign was launched Mr. Bryan and talks of his ownership. Mr. Bryan got heart disease and had go to abroad for 18 months. His friends had more than managed to fight his battles and keep him in his position, and did not consider it wise to fund the acquisition of my collections. Mr. Bryan came back a year ago and has used this time mainly in mending his fences. The first backer came to the conclusion that as the [] was mostly [interested] in the collection, the [] should pay for it through public funs (the County Council). It was then suggested that it should be bought in 3 years installments, and the first installment was on the budget a year ago. The budget is passed ordinarily on or about July 1st. At the last moment it was suggested that a County Hospital should be built, costing 12 – 15 []. This was considered more important than anything else, and in order not be over the top, they had to cut out other terms, to the tune of [] 4 [], and my installment amongst these. This year they do not expect this trouble, and seem very sanguine and helpful. Los Angeles is the only place in American where they have room for the collection. All the leading museums are anxious to have parts but they have not room, as most of them can only allow 1/10 of the floor room for the Chinese department. Thank you for offering to ease my protestors thoughts—give me your usual kind and helpful thoughts and they will surely help. The whole thing has taken such an unexpected long turn, which has made it very awkward for me [] of times; but God has always arranged all for the best, and He surely will do so till the end.

And loving and kind and fine thoughts and works to you, my dear Friend

Your dear friend, Normann Munthe

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