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Paper folio 23 recto 1, 769.952.C685 v.28


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The collection of nosatsu and their study is interesting and instructive. From the simple name placard of the older time, in the period of Ansei, the nosatsu had become an art object that [illegible] the ingenuity and showed a wide range of subject and treatment. Today it continues the traditions of the past. The monthly meetings are conducted in the same way; the democratic spirit which marked the old time gathering still continues and all kinds of men—rich and poor, high and low, wise and ignorant, there come together on equal terms. Nowhere except in the nosatsu had the fine old art of color-printing been kept continuously alive as an actual practice. Nowhere else does one find as constant use of old Japanese symbolism. No group better than the Nosatsu Kai knows old ideas and customs and keeps them constantly before the mind. No one who wishes to know Japanese art, thought, custom or character can neglect the nosatsu.

Frederick Starr
Iwakuni, Japan. Taisho 6.3.2. [3-2-1918]

[untranslated Japanese text]
スタルー博士自著 納札二「」スル改感

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Transcribed by Tom Fischer.


Gertrude Bass Warner Memorial Library, Japanese Art, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Oregon.



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