139 An excerpt from Genji monogatari (The Tale of Genji), chapter 1 "Kiritsubo" (The Paulownia Pavilion); opening word, "...dark hue of the purple" ([koki murasa]ki no iro; [濃きむらさ]きの色)



139 An excerpt from Genji monogatari (The Tale of Genji), chapter 1 "Kiritsubo" (The Paulownia Pavilion); opening word, "...dark hue of the purple" ([koki murasa]ki no iro; [濃きむらさ]きの色)


Attributed to Inokuma Noritoshi (b. 1609)


Edo (1615–1868)


Beginning of Edo


Calligraphy fragment; ink on paper


26.6 x 18.9 cm



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Z42.4 J3


[むらさ]きの色しあせすはと奏してなかはしより/おりてふたうしたまふひたりのつかさの御むまくら/人所のたかすへてたまはり給みはしもとにみこたちかむたちめつらねてろくともしな/\にた/まはりたまふその日のおまへのおりひつものこ物/なと右大弁なんうけたたまはりてつかうまつらせけ/るとむしきろくのくらひつともなとところせき/まて春宮の御元服のおりにもかすまされりなか/\ /かきりもなくいかめしうなんその夜おとゝの御さ/とに源氏の君まかてさせたまふさほうよにめつら[しきまでもてかしづききこえたまへり。]


Genji Monogatari I [murasa] ki no iro shi asezu wa to sō shite nagahashi yori orite budō shi tamau hidari no tsukasa no omuma kura udo dokoro no takasuete tamawari tamau mihashi [no] moto ni mikotachi kamudachime tsuranete roku domo shinajina ni tamawari tamau sono hi no omae no oribitsu mono komotsu nado udaiben nan uke tamawarite tsukau matsurase keru tomujiki roku no karabitsu domo nado tokoro seki made togu no gogenpuku no ori nimo kazu masareri naka naka kagiri mo naku ikameshū nan sono yo otodo no onsato ni genji no kimi makade sase tamau saho yo ni mezura [shiki made mote kashizuki kikoe tamaeri.]


Genji Monogatari I
[The Minister composed this reply: So long as the deep purple] of these cords that bind / Our hearts as tightly as your son’s hair never fade / So our mutual vow will retain its deep hue He stepped down from the long bridge that connected the imperial residence in the Seiryōden and the Ceremonial Court in the Shishinden and performed obeisance in the east garden. There he received a horse from the Left Division of the Imperial Stables and a falcon caged in a mew from the Office of the Chamberlain. Princes and nobles lined up along the foot of the stairs leading down from the Seiryoden into the east garden, and they each received gifts appropriate to their rank. Decorative boxes of thin cypress wood filled with delicacies and baskets of fruit were among the items prepared for the Emperor that day. The Major Controller of the Right, who had acted earlier as Genji’s guardian, had been put in charge of the presentations. The garden overflowed with trays stacked with rice cakes flavored with various fillings and with four-legged chests of Chinese-style lacquer stuffed with presents for the lower-ranking attendants—so many that their numbers surpassed even the presentations made at the coming-of-age-ceremony held for the Crown Prince. Indeed, it was an incomparably magnificent affair. That evening, Genji departed for the residence of the Minister of the Left, which was located on Sanjō Avenue. The ceremony welcoming Genji as groom and solemnizing his wedding was conducted [with unprecedented attention to proper form.] (Washburn 2011, pp. 19-20)


Information on kiwame fuda (Identification/Authentication slip): 猪熊教利 きの色しあせすは
Attributed to Inokuma Noritoshi; Authentication Seal: Kinzan; Authenticator: Kohitsu Ryōon (Sixth generation head of the Kohitsu main lineage) (?)
First Line Height: 22.0 cm. Total Width of the Text Area (ten lines): 16.2 cm


源氏物語(1)桐壺 pp. 47-48右大臣結びつる心も深きもとゆひに濃きむらさきの色しあせずはと奏して、長橋より下りて舞踏したまふ。左馬寮の御馬、蔵人所の鷹すゑて賜りたまふ。御階のもとに、親王たち、上達部つらねて、禄ども品々に賜りたまふ。 その日の御前の折櫃物、籠物など、右大弁なむうけたまはりて仕うまつらせける。屯食、禄の唐櫃どもなどところせきまで、春宮の御元服のをりにも数まされり、なかなか限りもなくいかめしうなん。 その夜、大臣の御里に源氏の君まかでさせたまふ。作法世にめづらしきまでもかしづききこえたまへり。
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